Meet Regulatory Standards with Automated Compliance

Continue working as normal while compliance processes are managed in the background

You can’t manage content if you don’t know what it is. Take the guesswork out of adhering to records management and data governance standards and ease the burden on staff by applying automated compliance solutions to your content.

  • Create proof and manage the evidence that your organization is enforcing and adhering to data laws and regulations.
  • Control and protect content from creation to disposition and enforce rules globally to comply with legal obligations.
  • Integrate case management, workflows, search and records management automation.
  • Ensure teams have access to relevant data while administrators manage access and sharing capabilities.
  • Easy to deploy and sustain.

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Protect Your Content And Mitigate Risk

Collabware CLM is certified by the Department of Defense for Records Management Standard DoD 5015.2 and many other industry, government and regulatory bodies. Click here to find all Collabware Certifications.

Protect your content and mitigate risk.

Drive user adoption and automate compliance by auto-classifying content and auto-populating metadata values. Our lifecycle workflows handle complex automation scenarios that involve security, notifications, reviews, and the protection of content.

SharePoint is great for collaboration, but it can only handle the most basic records management requirements. Collabware CLM empowers SharePoint to become an intelligent enterprise content management (ECM) solution that meets even the most complex legal and regulatory requirements. In the Cloud, Collabspace brings the same compliance and automation to all your content sources.

Content Retention and Categorization

Manage Retention for the Entire Content Lifecycle.

Have Cases? Documents? Physical or Email Records? List items? Images and PDFs? Audio & Video? No problem. Any files can be managed. Collabware’s visual workflows enable the tracking, classification, categorization, retention, and security management of all content automatically without user intervention. Using the powerful rules system you can easily identify and triage stale content while protecting high value content for long term retention (time or event-based), in-place or within a dedicated records center.

Read more on Content Lifecycle Workflows

Content Review and Disposition

Ensure Defensible Disposition with Managed Processes.

Disposition review doesn't have to be complex and painful. Collabware provides an automatically managed, integrated bulk content disposition review system that allows appropriate users into the review process. You can perform reviews using pre-defined reviewer groups, or define dynamic reviewer rules.

Create an automated list to perform single or chained reviews, markup processes, multi-step sign-offs, audits and more. Export easily for NARA requirements and produce disposition certificates when necessary.

Read more on Content Reviews and Review Lists

Case Management and Legal Holds

Protect Data while Designated Personnel Manage Sensitive Content.

Legal stuff happens all the time. Streamline the discovery and legal hold processes by ensuring content is automatically captured in a legal hold using a Global Content Query. Once on hold, the content cannot be modified or put up for disposition. Need a secret hold? No problem. Only authorized users can see that a hold exists.

Collabware offers the ONLY event-based case management solution and supports case files as aggregates of any records. You get a 360-degree view of all case files and they do not have to be co-located within a single container!
Read more on our Case Management Features.

Auditing and Reporting

Track and Report on All Actions Performed on Any Content.

Managing content is half the battle. The other half is sorting out what happened in the past. Get detailed audit tracking that captures every activity performed on every content item (including views). You can use the audit information to generate discovery reports or to power your lifecycle workflow.

Content Security and Risk Management

Protecting content is the primary objective.

Ensuring content doesn’t fall into the wrong hands or disappear entirely is a complex challenge. That is why Collabware uses the data lake approach to unify, streamline, backup and secure your content in WORM-compliant fortified cloud storage.

All content repositories will be backed up automatically to protect against human error, environmental crises, ransomware attack, or other data disasters. While compliance processes are being automated and security is embedded, staff are more productive and relieved of manual duties that lead to error. And the best part? No IT intervention is necessary when trying to recover a file! Users can find it themselves!

Collabware Compliance Certifications

Our products are delivered to remain accredited to these & many other international records management standards.
Collabware is also registered under GSA Contract Schedule 36 for the US Government for pre-negotiated procurement.

DoD 5015.2 Certified Records Software

Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2

FDA Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR 11

FDA Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR 11

NARA Certifications Logo

NARA 36 CFR Chapter 12 and Presidential Mandate M-12-18

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 logo

Sarbanes-Oxley Accountability & Transparency Act

GSA Section 508 logo

GSA Schedule 36 - RM Solutions & Section 508 - Accessibility

Canadian General Standards on Electronic Records

Canadian Standard on Electronic Records & Image Management

WCAG 2 Web Consortium

W3C - WCAG 2.0 International Technical Web Standard

MoReq 2010 Logo

MoReq European Records Regulatory Specifications

Compliance Services & Consulting

Lean on our team to ensure your organization is following information governance protocols and taking advantage of the best tools and services available to enable a healthy and productive work force. We’ll help you navigate through content migration, digitization, system upgrades, moving to the cloud and so much more. Our team and local partners can assist you with project requirements wherever you do business. 

Records Management Assessment

Records Management Assessment

We work with all relevant teams to conduct a discovery, review and advisory on observations related to records management systems and procedures to produce a comprehensive recommendations report.

Records Management File Plan and Schedule Design

File Plan & Records Schedule Design

We ensure requirements are addressed for all stakeholders and departments to help build file plans and records schedules that meet regulatory standards while remaining adaptable to your organizational needs.

IT Assessment for Records Management Compliance

Implementation & IT Architecture

We complete a technical assessment of your SharePoint Farms or other content repositories to provide recommendations for sizing, performance, scalability, backup & recovery. Then, we develop a clear deployment plan.

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