Automated & Fully Compliant Records Management

Save Time, Be More Efficient & Ensure User Adoption

Why not use a system you’re already familiar with (and paying for) to centralize and manage all your records? With DoD 5015.2 certified Collabware CLM you can control all aspects of the content lifecycle and drive increased user productivity by helping them find and use content more effectively.

  • Extend the capabilities of SharePoint to manage both your electronic, email & physical records.
  • Control and protect content from creation to disposition and enforce rules globally.
  • Integrate case management, workflows, search and records management automation.
  • Achieve peace of mind knowing regulatory and legal requirements are being met.

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Collabware CLM Features


Collabware CLM Features

Manages all aspects of the content lifecycle, including security, retention, review and disposition.


Collabware CLM Technical Specifications

Multi-lingual language support for SharePoint 2013 & 2016
and supports In-Place & Records Center storage.

SharePoint Infrastructure with Collabware

Runs within your existing SharePoint infrastructure

Multi-Farm support with Collabware CLM

Multi-farm support via Service Application model

Install Collabware with light weight tool

Deployed using a
light-weight installation tool

Web Service APIs for Collabware CLM

Fully documented
in-process & web service APIs  

Protect Content with Collabware CLM

Protect Content & Mitigate Risk.

Premature destruction can increase risk of regulatory penalties & fines.

Inability to produce content in discovery
can lead to legal loss.

Collabware Search for FOI & GDPR

Meet Legal & Regulatory Requirements.

The out-of-the-box records management capabilities in SharePoint are not enough.

Doing nothing increases your risk profile substantially.  CLM is DoD 5015.2 certified.

Content Lifecycle for Automation and Compliance.

Enhance User Engagement.

Compliance should not be hard ... Collabware CLM is simple, seamless, and transparent for users.

User success equals SharePoint success.

Customer Success: From Cluttered Drives to Compliant Archives

Collabware CLM Automated Workflows

First Nations Summit

Read through an in depth report on how First Nations Summit, a government services organization, dealt with their cluttered and complex shared drives, physical records, brimming email inboxes and redundant file versions by leveraging SharePoint and Collabware CLM.

We go over all of the challenges that lead to a breaking point, their hunt for a solution and how they are now relying on Collabware's automated lifecycle workflows to streamline collaboration and ensure their records practices remain compliant.

Click the button below for instant access to the 6-page Collabware Case Study and Collabware CLM Review.

FNS Case Study

Get Up & Running in 90 Days or Less!

Collabware CLM Automated Workflows

  • SharePoint is familiar and reduces change management challenges.

  • Collabware CLM integrates natively with SharePoint so there is no need for your technical teams to create new infrastructure or management processes.

  • Simple “No code” drag & drop experience that automates SharePoint configuration.

  • Collabware and our partners work closely with you to implement our proven 90-Day methodology.

Get in touch to see how Collabware can increase efficiency, compliance and collaboration. 1-855-268-0442