Product Videos

View live or recorded demos of our intelligent SharePoint records management, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and compliance solutions.


The best enhancement for SharePoint
Records Management

See how Collabware CLM fills the records management gaps in SharePoint and helps automate the complete lifecycle of all content in a simple, seamless, and transparent way.

Manage more than just Records - 
Case Management, Processes & beyond!

Help your organization get more out of SharePoint! Manage cases and business processes with visual lifecycle workflows and integrated case management.


Collabspace for Archive, Search &
Export of Office 365

Manage GDPR and Freedom of Information requests in a flash with Collabspace - the archive for Office 365 offering the most expansive search across multiple platforms into one results view.

Collabmail for SharePoint
 Integration with Outlook

Collabmail drives user adoption of SharePoint by bringing SharePoint to where they work most often ... Microsoft Outlook. See easy search and drag & drop functions for email records management.

Visit the Collabware YouTube Channel for all our video topics including SharePoint and Office 365 Webinars, Records Management Tips & Tricks and much more.

Personalized Demo

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to product demonstrations. Your organization may have specific needs that you want to see addressed with our software.

If this is the case, please complete the form, fill us in on your current challenges and business requirements and we will schedule a mutually agreeable time.

Weekly Live Demonstration


This recorded webinar provides a solid overview of Collabware and our flagship product Collabware CLM for SharePoint Records Management. The recording highlights Collabware CLM's core productivity and compliance features, including case management, workflow, and electronic and physical records management.

In addition, our Collabmail product for Outlook integration with SharePoint is also demonstrated.

You can visit the Collabware YouTube Channel to view more presentation and webinar recordings.


Wednesdays at 10:00 AM Pacific Time we host a 60-minute webinar (including Q&A) that provides a live demonstration of our products. If you are looking to get a sample of what Collabspace, Collabmail and Collabware CLM can do, then this is the place to be.