Collabspace Transforms Information Governance in the Cloud

Manage GDPR & FOI Requests in a Flash with Search, Archive & Export Functionality

Gone are days of wondering if you’ve compiled all the documents you need. With deep and expansive search and export functionality, Collabspace finds what you’re looking for in a fraction of the time you’re used to. 

  • Freedom of Information and GDPR requests are streamlined and completed with accuracy.
  • Save files to a project area without duplication to eliminate redundant copies.
  • Track all information requests with rules-based retention conditions compliant with your policies.
  • Export and send all documents in compact zip files, when required.
  • Alleviate manual workload and multiple checks.

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Collabspace Features


Collabspace Features

Your content re-imagined. Now easily searchable, secure, and available on any device in English and French.


Cross-application Search & Archive

Multiple Content Sources? Get connected to all of them in 1 view.

Multi-platform search of SharePoint, OneDrive, Exhange, SAP Fileshare + more. SharePoint Connector.

Records Management Features

Records Management Features

Collabspace Dashboard and Login on multiple devices.

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