Collabspace Transforms Information Governance in the Cloud

Connect All Your Content Sources with a Data Lake for Unified Cross-Platform Records Management

Forget migration and stream all your content repositories into a Data Lake for complete and compliant records management, multi-platform search and comprehensive visibility. With Collabspace, users can continue using the systems they’re familiar with while all the records management compliance and backup is automated in the background.



Records Management

  • Dynamic automated document lifecycle workflows.
  • Auto-Classification, Auto-Categorization & end-to-end compliance.
  • Event-based Case Management, Legal Holds & more.
  • Full Audit Trail & Content Review notifications.

Backup & Archive

  • All files and versions are automatically backed up for instant recovery.
  • Secure, encrypted, WORM-Compliant Storage with Microsoft Azure.
  • Distributed across multiple jurisdictional data centers to adhere to regional data sovereignty requirements.
  • Geo-replication for operational continuity .

Search & Export

  • All content is auto classified & indexed for keyword & metadata search.
  • Process FOI & GDPR requests quickly with cross-system search and quick export functionality.
  • Auto OCR & transcription for Images, PDF & audio/video.

Data Lake Cross-Platform Management

Content Lifecycle Workflows

Backup, Archive, Search & Export

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Collabspace Features


Collabspace Exclusive Features

Your content re-imagined. Now easily searchable, secure, and available on any device in English and French. Collabspace finds what you’re looking for in a fraction of the time you’re used to.


Cross-application Search & Archive

Multiple Content Sources? Get connected to all of them in 1 view.

Multi-platform search of SharePoint, OneDrive, Exhange, SAP Fileshare + more. SharePoint Connector.

Records Management Features

Records Management Features

Collabspace Dashboard and Login on multiple devices.

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