Records Retention


Full & Unified Control over All Electronic, Physical & Email Records
Simplify your access points. Centralize and properly manage the entire lifecycle and review process of all electronic, physical and email records with easy-to-create workflows.


Achieve Legal & Regulatory Traceability
Manual compliance will lead to non-compliance. Save time and mitigate risks through intelligent automation of content classification and proper SharePoint retention and disposition.



Reduce the Cost of eDiscovery, FOI & GDPR Processes
Use precision multi-platform search and contextual content surfacing to discover needed information quickly and efficiently.


Avoid Tampering & Accidental Loss
Protect content and mitigate risk by archiving content into encrypted WORM storage while still retaining secure control to access, review and manage.

Taking SharePoint to the Next Level of Productivity and Compliance


  • List Items
  • Documents
  • Document Sets
  • Folders
  • Libraries
  • Sites


  • Precision Search
  • Contextual Spaces
  • Display Organization


  • Workflow
  • Case Management
  • Notifications
  • 3rd Party Connectors


  • Electronic Records
  • Physical Records
  • Disposition Review
  • Holds
  • Reporting
  • Export & Interoperability


  • Single-Farm
  • Multi-Farm
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Automated Provisioning

Using Outlook as a Portal to your Information


  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint 2010+
  • Drag/Drop Filing
  • Drag/Drop Retrieving
  • Bulk Upload & Metadata Edit
  • Library Views
  • Search


  • Cloud Favorites
  • Local Favorites
  • High-performance


  • View Sorting/Filtering
  • Windows Drag/Drop
  • Windows Copy/Paste
  • Drag/Drop Attach
  • Drag/Drop Link

Bringing People and Content Together for Greater Insight

Content Connectors

  • SharePoint Online
  • Exchange Online
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Document Vault
  • More coming soon ...

Archive and Discovery

  • Encrypted Storage
  • Auditing
  • Search
  • Reporting
  • Holds
  • Export
  • Office 365 Backup


  • Workflow
  • Case Management
  • Electronic Records
  • Physical Records
  • Disposition Review
  • Legal Holds


  • Automated Filing
  • Automated Tagging
  • Automated Classification
  • Enterprise Search


  • Topic Extraction
  • Automated OCR
  • Automated Transcription

Why Collabware is the Best Records Management Software

Document Security Built-in

Security Built-in

Archive enterprise content using encrypted WORM storage to mitigate ransomware encryption attacks and bring payout to $0.

Machine Learning in Records Management

Machine Learning

Apply machine learning to streamline eDiscovery, FOI, and GDPR request processing, automate classification, and cut content discovery time by up to 50%. 

Search across SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange & more.

Multi-platform Search

Offer search capabilities across platforms that dig deeper and are more exact, relieving staff frustration and saving as much as 15 minutes per day in search time.

Content Lifecycle Workflow Automation


Use automation to reduce employee
legal and regulatory compliance-related content filing time by up to 10 minutes per day.


Why Choose Collabware?


Simple, Seamless & Transparent.

We believe user adoption and engagement is our primary KPI.
We focus on ensuring users see day-to-day business value with our products.

Think Differently About Information.

We transparently apply Artificial Intelligence to automate information records related tasks.
We understand that managing content is only the beginning ... extracting measurable insights and new value is the goal.

Partner for Success.

Our immediate success comes from your immediate success.
Our future comes from understanding and solving your challenges.


Collabware CLM Workflow Builder Dashboard

Feel the #IntelligentECM Benefits Across Your Organization.

Employees: with their document lifecycle automated, they can focus on their jobs
Records Managers: they can oversee the process but not have to deal with segmented pieces
Executive Team: rest assured that your content is secure, compliant and discoverable.