Collabware CLM

Collabware CLM enables complete content lifecycle management within SharePoint. It empowers organizations by protecting critical content and enabling rapid, improved decision making. Using Collabware CLM's integrated case management, workflow, search, and records management capabilities, organizations can easily automate business processes and have peace of mind knowing that regulatory and legal compliance requirements are being met.

Feature Specifications

Collabware CLM integrates natively with SharePoint 2013 & 2016 as a SharePoint Service Application so that your technical teams do not need to create new infrastructure or management processes.

Runs within your existing SharePoint infrastructure

Multi-farm support via Service Application model

Deployed using a light-weight installation tool

Fully documented in-process and web services APIs for integration

Electronic Records Management

Collabware CLM provides advanced electronic records management capabilities designed to facilitate the automated classification, retention, and eventual disposition of content and cases. You can centrally configure the rules and enforce them globally across SharePoint.

  • Create and manage multi-level hierarchical classification systems

  • Control security and permissions at any level

  • Optionally provision centralized repositories for each classification

  • Define one or more retention policies for each classification

  • Create retention policy workflows to handle complex requirements

  • Support time and event-based retention

  • Manage retention of cases as a unit, or based on associated content retention

  • Create rules to automate classification and retention of content and cases

  • Enable users to view current classification and retention state of content and cases

  • Optionally enable users to trigger events on content and cases

  • Support defensible disposition using Content Review system

  • Support in-place records retention and centralized records retention

  • Optionally keep content in-place while needed, and centralize after a period of time or when an event occurs

  • Workflow or user-driven export of content and metadata

  • Interoperability with other DoD-certified software

  • Additional layer of advanced security to enforce principle of least privilege

Physical Records Management

Collabware CLM provides comprehensive physical records management capabilities that enable you to manage your complete records inventory. You can centrally administer your records storage and support open or request-based circulation processes.

  • Create and manage multi-level container systems

  • Control container security and circulation rules at any level

  • Create container templates to enforce structural rules and metadata requirements

  • Create physical inventory templates for boxes, folders, objects, and even records to enforce usage rules and metadata requirements

  • Manage retention at box, folder, object, or record levels as needed

  • Support centralized or decentralized creation and processing of new inventory

  • Generate bar codes, inventory reports, and circulation reports

  • Manage storage capacity and easily utilize available space

  • Support open circulation for user accessible containers

  • Support request-based circulation for controlled inventory locations

  • Management groups can process requests individually or in bulk

  • Authorized users can locate inventory via SharePoint search or Global Content Query

  • Authorized users can easily add located inventory to personalized circulation lists

  • Circulation lists can be submitted for processing as required

  • Inventory can be charged out to users at a box, folder, or object level (based on centralized configuration rules)

  • Users can see inventory is charged out, and can queue for receipt

  • Chain of custody is tracked and audited with each hand off

  • Inventory can be marked as missing at any time

Case Management

Collabware CLM provides the Aggregates system for managing case templates and case instances. This system enables you to define and enforce your case governance rules, and drive increased user productivity by making content easier to find and work with.

  • Create case templates for each type of case you manage

  • Define metadata and security profiles for each case template

  • Optionally define team site provisioning rules for case instances

  • Authorized users can create and view case instances

  • Secure case instances using unique security profiles

  • Authorized users can locate case instances using SharePoint search or Global Content Query

  • Case instances display properties and lifecycle information

  • Automatically associate content to case instances using rules

  • Manually associate content to cases individually or in bulk

  • Associate content to case instances no matter where it lives

  • Search, sort, filter, and group associated case content

Lifecycle Workflow

Collabware CLM provides the Visual Lifecycle Workflow system that enables you to easily create complex workflows to manage the complete lifecycle of your content and cases. Using a familiar drag and drop interface, you can easily automate your business processes.

  • Visually design workflows using the simple drag & drop user interface

  • Choose from a wide range of available workflow actions

  • Integrate your systems using your own custom actions

  • Utilize advanced rules for making workflow decisions based on content metadata or user profile values

  • Visually present past workflow history and current state to users

  • Allow users to trigger workflow events directly

  • Single-click deployment of workflow throughout SharePoint

Precision Search

Collabware CLM provides the Global Content Query system so that you can use advanced metadata queries to precisely locate needed content. Using the grid view metadata display, users can further group, sort, and filter results to ensure they are locating content faster than ever before.

  • Create queries against any metadata properties

  • Use advanced operators and AND/OR conditions

  • Use basic formulas and dynamic user profile personalization

  • Customize displayed metadata values and result paging

  • Control sorting, filtering, and grouping options

  • Embed queries on team sites and pages

  • Optionally allow personalization of queries

  • Screen for records based on their workflow metadata

Content Review

Collabware CLM provides the Content Review system to enable the controlled review of bulk sets of content and cases based on your business requirements. You can define periodic, or volume based review targeted at any type of content.

  • Create review points within your workflows

  • Dynamically add content to review queues

  • Automatically begin review processes based on time or volume

  • Create groups of pre-defined reviewers or;

  • Support dynamic reviews based on custom rules or existing content properties (such as last modified user)

  • Allow for multiple chained participants for multi-step reviews

  • Support any number of review outcomes based on workflow design

  • Generate a Certificate of Review to capture all review process activities, participants, content, and associated metadata

  • Set up records categories for scheduled Vital Records Review including automated email reminder notifications

Discovery and Legal Holds

Collabware CLM provides a powerful Legal Hold system to ensure that content is protected and cannot be modified or used in a disposition process while on hold. Content can easily be added to a hold individually, in bulk, or automatically using advanced rules.

  • Create and secure legal hold instances

  • Manually search for content to add to hold individually or in bulk

  • Create automated rules to locate content and add it to the hold

  • Automation rules capture existing content and new content added to SharePoint while the hold is in effect

  • Release individual content from the hold or release the entire hold

  • Authorized users can view hold information on individual content

  • Content modification and disposition processing is blocked while content is on hold

  • Content can be subject to multiple individuals holds at a time

Auditing and Reporting

Collabware CLM tracks and logs all audit activities performed against all content in a centralized multi-dimensional data warehouse. Authorized users can generate dynamic reports based on audit activities and export the results in Excel format for post-processing.

  • All activities performed on all content is tracked and logged, including when content is viewed

  • Multiple dimensions of content, user, and location information are captured with each audit activity

  • Dynamically generate reports based on any dimensional data

  • Store customized reports as a template for continued use

  • Reports are exported in Excel format for post-processing

  • Export a view of the entire file plan and RM program structure as legible all-in-one document

Technical Specifications

  • Supports SharePoint 2013 records management

  • Supports SharePoint 2016 records management

  • No additional infrastructure required

  • Multi-lingual language support (English, French, Spanish, etc)

  • Multi-farm support using Service Application model

  • Supports In-Place and Records Center storage

  • API available for .NET, REST, and PowerShell

Reference Material

Learn how Collabware CLM supports the following compliance standards and legislation. Click here to see all of Collabware’s Product Certifications.