Support and maintenance program

Article 1.0 Introduction

1.1 Purpose. The purpose of this Collabware Support and Maintenance Program ("Program") document is to:

•       Describe the Program for Collabware customers.

•       Provide definitions of Maintenance and support-related terminology used by Collabware.

•       Describe Maintenance subscription quoting and invoicing procedures.

•       Describe the services provided by Collabware Support Services.

•       List general procedures and conditions including contact information and requirements.

1.2 Program Overview. The Program, also referred to as "Support and Maintenance," or "Maintenance," is the support Collabware makes available for unmodified Software to the Software license holder (“Licensee”), including Incident tracking, attempts to correct reported problems, new releases, and enhancements. Maintenance for the first year is automatically included when qualifying Software is licensed.

The Program is composed of the following:

•       Automatic shipment of Software Updates.

•       Collabware Support Services.

•       Priority consideration for Collabware’s Software Beta Program, which allows the Licensee to preview and test Software prior to general release.

•       Notification of Software promotions, when offered.

Article 2.0 Definitions and Descriptions

Capitalized terms used in this Program shall have the following:

2.1 Authorized Caller or Point of Contact

An Authorized Caller or Point of Contact is an individual designated by Licensee who may contact

Collabware to request technical support (e.g., to report Software Incidents or request assistance with Software use).

2.2 Customer Number

Customer Number means a unique number created by Collabware that identifies each Collabware customer site. The number may also be referred to as an end user or client ID number and may appear on invoices and other Collabware communications.

2.3 Hot Fix

A Hot Fix is a single fix in one of the specific functional areas deemed critical for a specific site (e.g., when production has stopped). When a business justification review is completed and a complete technical feasibility assessment results in approval, the fix is delivered directly to the customer or to a local distributor, usually via secure download. The documentation delivered with the Hot Fix clearly identifies the software problems(s) that are addressed by a Hot Fix and any limitations. Hot Fixes are tested by the affected team(s) in a focused manner. Hot Fixes are incorporated into subsequent service packs. Hot Fixes do not add new functionality. Hot Fixes are not functional unless the end user already has the required Product release installed.

2.4 Incident

An Incident is the record of a customer request for technical assistance made by Web Form, email or phone. It contains technical notes and documentation of all interactions between the customer and support representative related to the request. Depending on how the request was initiated, an Incident or tracking number is provided by a support representative either verbally or by email confirming the creation of the Incident. The Incident number is used for referencing the request. The status of an Incident can be open (active) or closed (inactive).

2.5 Maintenance Renewal

A Maintenance Renewal Invoice is issued 60 days before the expiration of a Maintenance term to all customers who have current Maintenance subscriptions. The invoice is emailed to the Point of Contact who has been designated to receive maintenance-related correspondence from Collabware.

2.6 Maintenance Term

The Maintenance Term is the Maintenance subscription duration as defined by the Maintenance start and end dates, during which customers with licensed products who have purchased Maintenance are entitled to receive applicable Maintenance benefits.

2.7 Patch

A Patch is a single fix (see Hot Fix) or a set of related fixes in a specific functional area of the software that will affect a large number of customers and needs to be posted on the web for general availability. Once a Patch is released it will be incorporated into a subsequent service pack release. Patches are tested by the affected teams. Patches do not add new functionality. Patches are not functional unless the end user already has the required product release installed.

2.8 Primary Maintenance

Primary maintenance subscriptions include 12 months of technical support for one authorized caller and updates for all Collabware Software Licenses covered by the Collabware Software Maintenance Agreement.

2.9 Software License

A Software License is the limited grant of rights to use a Software program or component as defined by the terms and conditions in the Collabware Software License Agreement.

2.10 Software Updates

Software Updates are a collection of files that correct a problem with a Software program or improve the Software through enhancements. Updates are available for download from the Collabware Help Center  Collabware will send an email to the Licensee’s designated contacts advising when a new release is available for download.

2.11 Support Services

Support Services is Software technical support or technical assistance provided by Collabware to the Licensee and the Collabware user community. See Article 3.0 Support Services for a more detailed description.

Article 3.0 Support Services

3.1 Support Services. Collabware Support Services comprises the following:

a.       Product Support Requests and Incident Reporting

If a technical issue arises that Licensee needs assistance with, Licensee can submit a support request or report an Incident using the Online Form found on the Collabware Help Center, by email or by telephone.

Licensee is not limited to a set number of times telephone support can be contacted.

b.      Collabware Help Center

The Collabware Help Center communicates new technical information to Licensee and to the Collabware user community in the form of product documentation, technology announcements, and knowledge base. The Collabware Help Center can be found at Licensee can also submit a support request through the available Online Form in the Collabware Help Center.

c.       Knowledge Base

The Collabware Knowledge Base contains technical documentation, common questions, how-to documents and common error messages for Collabware software. The Knowledge Base is accessed through the Collabware Help Center

d.      Product Documentation

Product Documentation includes installation and upgrade instruction manuals, user manuals and guides, release notes, scenario training guides and related downloadable files. Product Documentation is accessed through the Collabware Help Center.

e.       User Group

Collabware hosts a Collabware User Group on LinkedIn. This forum provides a place for users to share questions and knowledge about technical details and techniques for accomplishing tasks.

f.        Collabware User Advocacy Group

The Collabware User Advocacy Group is a group within Collabware that was created to improve Collabware's ability to understand and respond to technical issues impacting Collabware Licensees. The UAG encourages feedback from the user community by collecting user information which is presented to development teams to help shape the future direction of Software. UAG may be contacted through Collabware Support Services.

g.       Secure Live Remote Support

Collabware may interact with Licensee’s system using Citrix® GoToMeeting tool to assist with technical support.

h.      Hot Fix

A Hot Fix is defined above under Article 2 Definitions.

3.2 Support Services Scope

•       Technical assistance provided through Collabware Support Services is limited to unmodified Collabware Software.

•       Sample applications that ship with each product are provided for demonstration purposes and are considered unsupported.

•       Patches received outside a product's life cycle deliverables are considered unsupported unless authorized by Collabware.

•       These terms and conditions are subject to change by Collabware with thirty (30) days written notice.

3.3 Support Hours

Licensees within Canada and the United States may contact Support Services between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday, except for Collabware holidays.

3.4 Contact Information


Tel.:       855-268-0442

3.5 Contacting Support

Licensees are required to designate Authorized Callers for all direct support services-related communications with Collabware. If the Licensee has an enterprise license or site license agreement with Collabware, the Authorized Callers will be identified by name in the license agreement. Licensee may replace an Authorized Caller at any time by notifying Collabware Support Services.

a.       By Online Form or Email

Licensee may submit a support request through the Online Form found in the Collabware Help Center or by email Severity definitions, associated response times are outlined in this document.  All requests for technical support must contain detailed information about the Licensee’s Incident. This information includes the version of product, environment details, log files, screenshots and steps to help reproduce the Incident. Requests submitted through these channels outside of normal hours of operation are assigned to a Collabware Product Specialist the next business day. Support requests are answered on a first come, first serviced basis.  All Incidents reported by Online Form, email are given the same priority and level of attention as those reported by telephone.

b.      By Telephone

As an alternative to Online Form or email, Licensee may submit their support request to Collabware via telephone.  Each reported technical support request is logged and given a unique identification number for Licensee’s reference and tracking. After the support request is logged, the Licensee will be contacted by the first available Collabware Product Specialist. All requests received by telephone are given the same priority and level of attention as those received by Online Form or Email.

3.6 Severity Definitions and Response Times

The following are Collabware’s Severity definitions and targeted response times during normal hours of operation. Normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) except for Collabware holidays. Support requests submitted outside of the normal hours of operation will be responded to the next Collabware business day.

Licensee may select the severity of the support request when submitting the online support form; or may specify severity if submitting support ticket via email.

Severity Definition First Response Time
Severity 1
Product malfunction or failure significantly impacting product functionality.
No workaround is available.
Within 2 business hours of Collabware receiving support request
Severity 2
Product malfunction or failure significantly impacting product functionality.
A workaround is available.
Within 4 business hours of Collabware receiving support request
Severity 3
Product malfunction or failure does not significantly impact core product functionality.
Includes non-critical issues, general questions, feature requests, documentation issues.
Within 8 business hours of Collabware receiving support request

The response time indicated does not necessarily mean that the ticket is resolved; instead, the ticket will at least be verified within the listed timeframes.

3.7 Resolution Time

Resolution times are dependent on factors that are often outside the control of Collabware. These factors often include but are not limited to integration with third-party applications not provided by Collabware, security issues, limitations based on user-designated workflow, customer environment limitations and customer availability.

Collabware is generally able to answer questions and suggest solutions on the same day the support request is received, however the turnaround time for a response will depend on the complexity of the Incident. While it is Collabware’s goal to provide an acceptable resolution to all incoming issues, Collabware cannot predict resolution time.

3.8 Preparing for Contacting Support Services

When contacting Collabware for technical assistance, Licensee must be prepared to provide as much of the following information as possible:

•       The phone number and email address where Licensee can be reached

•       The version of the Collabware software

•       The version of operating system and database Licensee is using, if applicable

•       A description of what Licensee was doing when the problem occurred

•       The exact wording of any error messages that may appear on the screen

•       Applicable log files

•       Any steps taken to resolve the problem

Article 4.0 Maintenance Renewal and Expiration

4.1 Renewal Notice. Collabware will notify Licensee when Maintenance subscriptions are scheduled to expire. Collabware will email notification to Licensee 60 days before subscription expiry date.

4.2 Maintenance Expiration. If Collabware has not received a purchase order or payment prior to the termination date, Licensee will receive a notification stating that Licensee Maintenance term has expired. Technical support will be extended for an additional thirty (30) days and Licensee will no longer be eligible to receive any Software Updates that are released after the Licensee Maintenance term has expired. Any other Maintenance activities that are contingent on a current Maintenance subscription will also be terminated.

If a purchase order or payment is received during the extended thirty (30) day technical support period, all benefits will be reinstated. However, if no purchase order or payment is received, Licensee will no longer be able to receive technical support and Licensee’s Maintenance subscription will be considered to have expired.

Article 5.0 Payment

5.1 Payment. Maintenance program subscriptions can be purchased in advance on an annual basis. Fees are due and payable annually in advance. Payment terms will be Net 30 Days.

5.2 Prorating Maintenance Terms. If multiple Software products have been licensed throughout the course of a year by one customer, separate Maintenance invoices for each product are not issued. Instead, the Maintenance anniversary date for each license is prorated to the anniversary date of the first product licensed, with Maintenance. All licensed Collabware Software products offering a maintenance subscription are synchronized to reflect a common Maintenance start and end date, regardless of when each was first licensed. These prorated dates will be reflected on the Maintenance renewal invoice.

5.3 Reinstatement of Lapsed Maintenance Subscriptions. If Maintenance has lapsed, Maintenance reinstatement fees equal to the amount of back maintenance from the date maintenance lapsed, in addition to the current fees, will be required to be paid to reinstate Maintenance.

Article 6.0 Contacting Collabware

Collabware Product Support (technical support)

Tel.: 855-268-0442


Website Address:

Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday, except Collabware holidays

Collabware Corporate Offices

Tel.: 778-724-1812



Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday, except Collabware holidays