DoD Certified Collaware CLM & Collabmail - LIVE DEMO

Date: Apr 12 2018, 10:00 - Apr 12 2018, 11:00

Join us for a LIVE demonstration of Collabware CLM, records management software for Microsoft SharePoint & Collabmail Email management. 

Collabware CLM - DoD Certified Records Management software for SharePoint

10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern

DoD Certified Automated Content Workflow in Collabware CLM for SharePoint.

DoD Certified Automated Content Workflow in Collabware CLM for SharePoint.


During this session, we will demonstrate the specific features and capabilities of Collabware CLM that greatly expand SharePoint’s records management capabilities and set it apart in the marketplace: 

• Automated classification – improves eDiscovery and decreases the time required to find content
• Automated metadata population - decreases the amount of required end-user input, reduces your margin for human error and improves content findability
• Automated declaration - increases records management compliance by ensuring that content is properly declared at the right time
• Contextual content surfacing - brings content to users where and when they need it
• Information trust - ensures users can readily identify superseded and obsolete content
• Multi-jurisdictional operations – enables organizations to manage records in one centralized interface while storing the records in the countries they belong, preventing legal issues
• Multi-lingual support – provides English, Spanish and French language options
• Sophisticated physical records management – offers physical container management and security; box, folder, object and record tracking; circulation request management and processing; integration with SharePoint search for physical record searches; mobile device integration for barcode scanning and circulation control; complete chain-of-custody control and tracking; advanced transfer and disposition approval, and
• Drag & Drop Email filing & sharing. 

We will end each demo with a live question and answer session.