Collabmail for Outlook Collaboration

Collaborate with your team, without leaving Outlook.

Collabmail harnesses the power of Outlook and SharePoint to create a superior collaboration solution. Collabmail empowers teams by enabling the efficient retrieval and filing of SharePoint content without leaving Microsoft Outlook. Users can capture emails and attachments as SharePoint content or embed existing SharePoint content as links or attachments to new emails. 


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Collabmail for SharePoint Navigation

Use favorites to get to content quickly.

Using Collabmail, users can effortlessly maneuver their SharePoint workspaces (on-premises or in the cloud) without leaving Outlook. Within each SharePoint library, users can view the content, folders and the associated metadata, or they can choose to add that location to their Favorites list for quick reference in the future. Pretty simple, eh?


Collabmail for SharePoint Drag & Drop Retrieval

Link or attach up-to-date files from SharePoint.

Once a user has arrived at a SharePoint library or folder, it’s a simple drag & drop to move content items from that location to be referenced as an embedded email link, or as an email attachment. Through use of embedded links, end users will notice a dramatic reduction in redundancy and confusion resulting from outdated file attachments.


Collabmail for Drag & Drop Filing

Specify metadata once and share it across items

To shrink the content filing process, Collabmail enables drag & drop integration between Outlook and SharePoint (on-premises or in the cloud). This functionality permits filing one or more emails and/or attachments into SharePoint, and will prompt the user to complete all necessary metadata. With the bulk metadata editing capabilities, users can reduce the amount of repetitive contextual data that must be entered for similar items.


Collabmail Technical Features

  • Supports Windows 7
  • Supports Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Supports Windows 10
  • Supports Outlook 2010 (all Windows versions above)
  • Supports Outlook 2013 (all Windows versions above)
  • Supports Outlook 2016 (all Windows versions above)
  • Supports SharePoint 2010
  • Supports SharePoint 2013
  • Supports SharePoint 2016
  • Supports SharePoint Online (Office 365)

Why Choose Collabmail?

A better way to collaborate with your team.

A better way to collaborate with your team.

  • Email-based collaboration is messy
  • Easily and securely share files with internal and external team members
  • Collaborate without leaving Outlook
Capture email content into SharePoint.

Capture email content into SharePoint.

  • Easily file emails and attachments to SharePoint using bulk metadata editing
  • Track vital email metadata and manage emails and attachments as records
Locate content in SharePoint without leaving Outlook.

Locate content in SharePoint without leaving Outlook.

  • Attach or link SharePoint content within emails
  • Easily view and edit SharePoint metadata in bulk, without leaving Outlook

Why Choose Collabware?

Simple, seamless, and transparent.

  • We believe user adoption and engagement is our primary KPI
  • We focus on ensuring users see day-to-day business value with our products

Thinking differently about information.

  • We understand that managing content is only the beginning ... extracting new value is the future
  • "Impossible" is not in our vocabulary

Partnering for success.

  • Our immediate success comes from your immediate success
  • Our future comes from understanding and solving your challenges