Manage Your Documents. Wherever They Are.

Transform your SharePoint On Prem or Office365 Cloud into a Centralized Records Repository.

Leverage and expand the Microsoft software you’re already invested in to secure, manage, automate and backup all your content and its lifecycle. By using familiar tools, you’ll ensure higher user adoption success rates. 

Simplify your records management strategy and save money by connecting all your physical, digital and email records through one solution, managed on premises, in the cloud or a combination of both.

  • Automate document filing with comprehensive lifecycle workflows for content in SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, SAP, File Shares & more.
  • Maximize ROI by integrating systems content tracking, backup and preservation measures.
  • Increase productivity by giving teams access to data critical for making the right process decisions.
  • Use enhanced discovery and export tools to respond to FOI, GDPR, legal issues, investigations, inquiries, etc.
  • Save more by freeing up redundant storage and backup systems.