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​Filling the Records Management Gaps in SharePoint 2013

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Proactive RM Considerations to Include in Your Upgrade Plans

If your organization is among the many planning for an upgrade to SharePoint 2013, there are significant records management deficiencies you need to be aware of and proactively address.

Join us for a one-hour webinar where we’ll explain and demonstrate how Collabware CLM extends SharePoint 2013 to ensure it meets all of your records management needs and guarantees compliance and cost savings for your organization.

What You Will Learn

  • What records management capabilities SharePoint 2013 out-of-the-box has to offer and how they differ from SharePoint 2010
  • Important records management gaps that exist in SP 2013 out-of-the-box, including centralized management, case/event retention, bulk disposition and auditing
  • Why it’s imperative to address the records management shortcomings of a SharePoint out-of-the-box solution
  • How Collabware CLM fills the gaps in SharePoint 2013 records management and ensures your solution is highly adopted and fully compliant


  • Graham Sibley, CEO, Collabware

Who Should Attend

  • Business and Technical Decision Makers
  • Records Managers
  • IT Directors and Managers
  • SharePoint Business Analysts
  • Professionals with a background in records or information management