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Case Files in SharePoint: A Collabware CLM Perspective

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Case files can represent as much as 50% or more of all business records for an organization. Yet what options are available for managing case file records in SharePoint?

SharePoint Case File Management Falls Short

Traditionally, case file documents and records are all stored in one SharePoint location, site or library dedicated to the case. When the case is closed, all records in the case fall under the same retention and disposition schedule.

However, the reality is that a case file likely involves multiple persons and departments generating content related to the case. Communications, reports, agreements, statements and other content are generated in the respective users’ collaboration sites and may have unique retention requirements. Users need to find the case file and deposit content. 

We Have the Answer

Using Collabware CLM, there’s now a way for you to pull those disparate documents and records into a unified case file, maintain unique retention schedules and leave the document or record in its original location.

Join us for a one-hour webinar to learn more about:

Automated classification based on content, not location
Retention policy flexibility based on content, within a case file
Disposition of case file records, regardless of their location in SharePoint
Holistic case file views using the Collabware Global Content Query
Collabware CLM working with SharePoint Document Sets


  • Glenn James, Director, Pre-Sales

Who Should Attend

  • Business and Technical Decision Makers
  • Records Managers
  • IT Directors and Managers
  • SharePoint Business Analysts
  • Professionals with a background in records or information management