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​Advanced Records Management with SharePoint and Collabware CLM


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Ready to take SharePoint records management to the next level? Wondering how to leverage the platform and expand its capabilities to meet all your RM needs?

We’ll demonstrate the multitude of advanced physical and electronic records management tools you can access with SharePoint combined with Collabware CLM software.

What You’ll Learn

Focusing on examples of successful implementations with customers in the government, utilities, mining and pharmaceutical industries, the webinar will highlight:

How to create a compelling business case for a SharePoint records management solution
The user friendly, enhanced features that Collabware CLM offers including automated classification, automated metadata population, automated declaration, contextual content surfacing, information trust, multi-jurisdictional operations, multi-lingual support
How Collabware CLM guarantees compliance and cost savings for your organization


  • Graham Sibley, CEO, Collabware

Who Should Attend

  • Business and Technical Decision Makers
  • Records Managers
  • IT Directors and Managers
  • SharePoint Business Analysts
  • Professionals with a background in records or information management