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​Transform Records Management Using Smart Strategies and Leading Technology - European & North American Participants

Increase compliance, reduce legal and e-discovery costs, optimize records management processes and improve end-user experience.

Organizations today are confronted with new regulations, greater business needs and numerous requirements to mitigate and manage risk. These combined factors demand more resources and increase systems pressure for records management professionals.

But, how much innovation have you truly seen in records management? Many records management professionals are burdened by legacy technology and constrained by traditional processes. This results in low user adoption, leading to records management failures and a lack of alignment across your business.

However, records management IS changing – thanks to Collabware’s innovative Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) software for SharePoint. As part of DICOM’s “Meet the Expert” Webinar Series for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions in SharePoint, we are pleased to invite you to meet Graham Sibley, CEO of Collabware; Graham will share expert insight, customer success stories and proven strategies for advanced records management in SharePoint.

What You Will Learn

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Identify and overcome traditional records management pitfalls
  • Introduce proven strategies for records management to your organization 
  • Rapidly deploy advanced records management in your SharePoint ecosystem

Who Should Attend?

  • Records Managers
  • SharePoint Business Analysts
  • IT Directors and Managers
  • Professionals with a background in records or information management

Recorded Webinar

Register and view the recorded webinar.

More information

If you are located in the Middle East, Africa or Europe, please contact Jennifer Van Lent with any questions about the webinar or would like additional information about Collabware’s CLM records management software for SharePoint and other solutions.