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Collabware CLM v2.4 Advanced Physical Records Management Capabilities


The excitement is building around the upcoming release of the new version of our product! And we want to give customers and partners a preview of what you’ve all been waiting for: more advanced physical records management.

Join us for a one-hour webinar for a sneak peek at some of the remarkable new capabilities of Collabware CLM Version 2.4 including:

  • Physical container management and security
  • Box, folder, object and record tracking
  • Circulation request management and processing
  • Integration with SharePoint search for physical record searches
  • Mobile device integration for barcode scanning and circulation control

Set to be released in Spring 2013, Collabware CLM v2.4 will also feature:

  • Complete chain-of-custody control and tracking
  • Advanced transfer and disposition approval

More benefits for you

Supporting both SharePoint 2010 and 2013, Collabware CLM v2.4 allows you to:

  • integrate the management of your physical records with your overall enterprise policy and expose them for end users to take advantage of via search and mobile devices, and
  • anage end-to-end chain of custody for all physical documents.

Did you know?

All of our existing customers up until the end of December 2012 are grandfathered and will receive the new version of our software at no extra cost .


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