The ARMA International Conference in Chicago (Day 3)

The crazy Canadian partyLast night was ARMA International Conference's "Canadian Party" at the Hilton Chicago, and the event is known among its past attendees - Americans included - for its "craziness". All  conference attendees were invited, many Canadian and Americans wore red shirts, shoes or scarves to show appreciation for the Canadian presence at the international conference.

Indeed, the party got crazy. If there is anybody who thinks records managers are all business-like or even boring, you are wrong. There was a lot of dancing and laughing. I made new friends at the event who were visiting from everywhere from LA to Washington, DC. I also had the chance to chitchat with local Vancouver RMers. It's always nice to see familiar faces when you are miles away from home. It was a great night.

Last day's session highlights

Among today's education sessions, the one that interested me most was a panel session entitled, "How to Manage Social Media in Your Organization".

Out of the three panelists, Sandra Broady-Rudd's presentation stood out most for me. She discussed the issue of social media policies in organizations. Starting with the policy, you can block the use of Facebook for the organization, if necessary, and better define the intellectual ownership because in the social media realm, it can sometimes be confusing as to who owns the information.

She, by no surprise, stressed RM-principle-based recordkeeping practices and that retention should be media neutral. She also brought forth an interesting issue: How can organizations put Facebook on a legal hold?  (I would assume that you'd have to contact Facebook to freeze the account's activities.)

A great experience overall

The ARMA International Conference wrapped up today noon. I've made new friends and learned some things here and there. It is always great to connect with fellow RM practitioners and learn from each other.